I was looking through Hal's blog when I came across his hexer program. I thought that I should write the complimentary program, that is, given an ascii file of hex characters (e.g. "01CAFEBABE") it will write actual bytes to stdout.

chris@papaya:c$ cc helloworld.c
chris@papaya:c$ ./a.out 
Hello World!
chris@papaya:c$ cat a.out | ./hexer | ./dehexer > helloworld
chris@papaya:c$ chmod a+x helloworld
chris@papaya:c$ ./helloworld 
Hello World!

It seems to work (I changed the name to 'helloworld' because doing

cat a.out | ./hexer | ./dehexer > a.out
seems to clobber the file in a bad way.

Without further ado:
/* dehexer - Convert an ascii file of hex characters into the
   corresponding binary file. Any non-hex characters are silently
   skipped (newlines, tabs, etc.)
   Copyright 2008 Christopher Wilson, based in part on hexer by Hal
   Canary (also DTPD)
   Dedicated to the Public Domain */
/* cc -o dehexer dehexer.c */
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
  char x;
  int char_out = 0;
  int low = 0; // LSBs, 1 for true
  while (fread(&x, sizeof(x), 1, stdin) == 1) {
    if (x > 47 && x < 58) { 
      // digit is 0-9
      x = x - 48;
      handle_byte(x, &char_out, low);
    } else if (x > 64 && x < 71) {
      // digit is A-F
      x = x - 55;
      handle_byte(x, &char_out, low);
    } else if (x > 96 && x < 103) {
      // digit a-f
      x = x - 87;
      handle_byte(x, &char_out, low);
    } else {
      // skip anything that isn't 0-9A-Z, or a-z
    low = (low + 1) % 2; // flip the high/low bit marker

/* handle_byte - if low is true then it prints the full byte. If low
     is false, set char_out to 16 times x.
int handle_byte(int x, char *char_out, int low)
  if(low) {
    *char_out += x;
    putc(*char_out, stdout);
  } else {
    *char_out = x * 16;
  return 0;
/* EOF */

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