March 5 is the Square Root of Christmas

I just wanted to make the announcement, if anyone happened to be unaware. The reason for the holiday, if you haven't guessed already, is because sqrt(1225) = 35. Translating those numbers into calendar dates gives us the square root of Christmas 12/25 falling on 3/5. It just so happens that there is another big nerd holiday in March, Pi Day (3/14). Why not connect these two dates with a week(ish) long nerd celebration? I hereby declare that:
  • March 5th shall be known as the Square Root of Christmas and
  • The 10-day interval between the Square Root of Christmas and Pi Day shall be known as Nerdigras
Update (2010-11-14): The official page for the Square Root of Christmas and Nerdigras has moved to http://sencjw.com/the-square-root-of-christmas/" (These links have been changed to point to the official location given below -- chris)

Update (2012-02-05): The Square Root of Christmas finally has a domain name to call its own! Use either: http://squarerootofchristmas.com/ or (for shorter links) http://sqrtxmas.com/ if you mention it on twitter, use #sqrtxmas


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